Is the registration free of charge?

1. The User can use the Portal and it’s free of charge. When the User have been registered the ‘Debutant’ status is being given and 2 photographs a week can be published in the Inferia.

2. Free registration is the only requirement to use the Portal. The registration is complete when all details have been given and accepted by the Portal’s Team. All necessary registration data are listed in the Registration Form.

3. All Portal’s Terms and Conditions must be accepted by the User.




How will I increase the amount of available slots?


1. The new User has to wait for acceptation of certain amount of photographs accepted in the Low Gallery (in this case: 5 photographs) or write analyses, which will be accepted as valuable by the User with higher status (5 recommended analyses). After the User is promoted to ‘Adept’ status and can rate the photos. When promoted to Amateur (20 photos in the Low Gallery) the amount of available slots can be increased by active voting in the Inferia (40 votes is equal to 1 slot, maximum 2 bonus slots a week).


2. If the User would like to increase the possibilities of the account by adding more files every week, there is an option to join Fotoferia Club as regular member what would unlock additional features and give more options than the standard account. Write to club@fotoferia to get more information.



Each Gallery – what do they mean?

The Inferia


This section functions as a waiting-room, the photographs are being added anonymously without an voting option. The Users (apart of ‘Debutants’) decide if the photographs can be published in the Low Gallery. 40 different Users decide of moving the photograph to the Low Gallery or Dark Room, and the power of their votes depends on the User’s status:


ART – 3 points

PRO – 2 points

Photographer – 1 point

Amateur – 0.5 point


‘Publish’ option adds positive points, ‘Not Publish’ adds negative points. When the votes are given by 40 Users the photograph goes to the Low Gallery (the sum above zero) or the Dark Room (the sum beyond zero). If the photo gets +50 points it goes to the Low Gallery, if it gets -50 points  goes to the Dark Room.  In case the photograph’s level isn’t high enough or the published photo breaches any point of the Portal’s Terms and Conditions, the Fotoferia Team can decide to move the photograph to the Dark Room without voting or even deleting the photo from the Gallery. If the voting is not completed within 3 days the Fotoferia Team has a right to move the photo to the Low Gallery/Darkroom regardless current score.


The Low Gallery (LG)

After the positive voting in the Inferia, the photo is being published in the Low Gallery and it stays anonymous for the next 24 hours. The first selection will be good enough from the photo’s artistic and technical point of view. The Team reserves the right to verify the User’s decision by moving the photograph to the Dark Room and also the Users can decide that the voting was mistaken by giving the black feria (star).


The High Gallery (HG)

The Portals Assisting Team work on the photographs selection to the High Gallery. Every proposition must be confirmed by 5 members of the Team.


The Dark Room

Here are photographs which have been rejected after voting. The photos are not good enough, sometimes they may need some corrections and they didn’t get much interests. The User can delete the photograph from the User’s Panel (Portfolio Settings). If there is an analysis under the photo, removing it from the Gallery is not possible. The way to delete the photograph is to contact the Portal’s Team by e-mail: admin@fotoferia.pl. All photos with the best and valuable analysises will be saved for the other Users seeking for knowledge in this subject. Photographs rated as valueless for the Portal, will be deleted by the Team if the User will not decide of it before that. The photo in the Dark Room can be set up as anonymous.



Contra – this is the Gallery where you can find photographs from the borderline of the Dark Room and the Low Gallery. Here are photographs which have caused contradictories in the User’s opinions, controversial photos, where the interesting, didactic conversation took place. What’s the mechanism of adding the photographs to the Contra? Every interested User, with the ‘Photographer’ status at least, may use the option “Add To Contra” (in the Dark Room or the Low Gallery). 3 votes will give a sign to the Moderating Team and they will decide if the notified photo will be moved to the Contra.



Anonymity in the Inferia

Anonymity of the photo in the Inferia is very important because it can’t foist the objective voting to the other Users. Therefore: the photographs published in the Inferia can’t be marked with any signatures/signs or watermarks; they also shouldn’t have any descriptions which could suggest its authorship (links to blogs, photography workshops etc.) photomontage photographs can’t give any links to the source in the description (it’s possible to give all the details but only after 24-hour anonymous period is gone). Every photograph in the Inferia with forbidden information in description, will be moved to the Dark Room so the author can delete it.





How to get promoted here?

After successful registration process the new User gets ‘Debutant’ status. The status allows the User to:

- publish 2 photographs a week in the Inferia

- analyse other User’s photographs in all other Galleries, with the minimum of 150 characters

- add photographs to Favourites

‘Debutant’ is not allowed to:

- vote in the Inferia

- rate photographs

- recommend the other User’s analyses

- add Users to watchlist


This status is being given when the sum of recommended analyses and photographs in the Low Gallery reaches 5 or 100 points. The “recommended analysis” means it’s been recommended by 3 Users with the ‘Photographer’ status at least. Adept can rate the photos but can note vote in Inferia.



This status is being given when the sum of recommended analyses and photographs in the Low Gallery reaches 20. The “recommended analysis” means it’s been recommended by 3 Users with the ‘Photographer’ status at least. Amateur can rate the photos and vote in Inferia.



This status is bein given when the sum of recommended analyses and photographs in the Low Gallery reaches 40. The “recommended analysis” means it’s been recommended by 3 Users with the ‘Photographer’ status at least.


PRO, ART  and Honarable


For status PRO you need at least 2 photos in High Gallery and you have to be an active User.

For status HONORABLE you need at least 10 photos in High Gallery.

ART is the best status on the portal.

The ‘PRO’ and ‘ART’ statuses are given by the Portal’s Administration, considering the successes in the club’s contests, club’s activity, documented activity on the Portal, high level of presented photographs and representing the Portal outside of it. The User with ‘PRO’ and ‘ART’ status can use all options available on the Portal without any additional charges, they can run the educating chat in appointed time and they also can be part of jurors in contests organized by the Portal. They can use the prepared contest template to organize any contest inside of the Portal regarding any subject. To do so the application must be sent to team@fotoferia.pl Disobeying the rules can affect in removing the status.


Why can’t I vote?

The User with the ‘Amateur’ status or higher is allow to vote.


How to rate?

Photographs which went trought the voting process in the Inferia and were moved to the Low Gallery may be rated. Users who have reached to ‘Debutant’ status are allowed to do so. To rate the photograph you need to pick one of the Stars:

3 points (gold star) – outstanding photograph, excellent in every way, recommend to the High Gallery

2 points (silver star) – very good photograph which deserves acclaim, moving this photograph to the High Gallery should be acclaimed unless...

1 point (brown star) – photograph is good and it can stay in the Low Gallery but shouldn’t be promoted any more

0 point (black star) – photograph ended up in the Low Gallery accidently and should went to the Dark Room (using this substantiation is necessary – at least 30 characters)






Is it worth to analyse photographs?


Yes, it is. Constructive analyses will be promoted. The valuable ones will be displayed on this main page.


Why my photograph was moved from the Low Gallery to the Dark Room without voting?


Carrying of the Portal’s high level any expression of User’s reciprocal adoration will be deeply observed and in case of unfair voting the photograph will be moved to the Dark Room. This thing also works the other way: the photograph can be moved from the Dark Room in the same case or other reasons, for example: there was many disputes and the amount of positive and negative votes was quite same. 


Why did I get a warning?


The Team has decided that the User’s activities are contrary with the Portal’s rules. The warning can be given for:

lack of personal standards

publish photographs beyond the limit of good taste

harmful activities to the Portal unobjective voting.



How to vote?


The photograps in the Low Gallery are sufficiently good as a result of objective voting. Every User with its vote decides of the Low Gallery level. The photograph with poor quality, family one, popular sunsets, photos of flowers, animals shouldn’t be voted to LG.


How can I add photo?


The photo can be added when the User is logged in. To do so you need to click on the “Publish a Photo” bookmark. The chosen file with the maximum dimensions of 1200x1200 pixels (the first dimension is width and the other one hight) and size of no more than 1000 kB. In case of panoramic photographs the dimensions are bigger: 1800x900 pixels, size up to 1000 kB. While publishing the photo the details such as: title and category are necessary! When the photo has been uploaded you need to go to your Portfolio, edt the photo  and publish the photo by pressing “Publish in the Inferia”. 



What kind of photographs can be added to “Nature” and “Landscape” category?


You can add photographs to the categories when any element wasn’t added, cloned, moved or deleted. They should express the real image seen by the photographer. In the “Nature” category we classify landscape, fauna, flora (as macro), excluding human’s activity and presence. In the “Landscape” category retouching is allowed and can consist deleting (stempled out) elements which don’t substantially change the photographed place, for example: deleting pylon. However adding elements from different sources is treated as photomontage.

Allowable action as follows:

- change of the exposition

- corrections of colour, contrast, saturation

- removing dirt from the matrix n

- noise reduction

- removing flare

- cropping

- alignment

- horizontal reflection

- change of size




Can I upload any photographs on the Fotoferia Portal?


No, you can’t. The Fotoferia is photographic gallery, where the Team cares about high level of resented works. It’s not the place for hosting photos, so before you decide to upload your photo, think of its positive aspects. Photographs with trifling value, insufficient technical level will be removed from the gallery by the Team.


Is it possible to remove already published photo?


Until the photo hasn’t been published in the Inferia but it’s only visible in the author’s private portfolio (it’s ready to publish) or it was moved to the Dark Room without getting any analysis, the author can delete it. If photograph was published in the Inferia, Low Gallery or High Gallery, the author can’t delete it from its profile level. You can find more details on this in the Terms and Conditions.


Is it possible to edit already published photo?


It is possible to edit: title, description, background colour, information about equipment, but it’s impossible to edit the file itself..


Is it possible to change the nickname?


In particular cases, on User’s request the administration can change the nickname.


Is it possible to have more than one account on the Fotoferia Portal?


No, it isn’t. The Fotoferia’s Administration has the User’s best interest in mind and high level content, tries to avoid promoting photos from additional accounts. If this happens, these accounts will be deleted and the User’s main account could be blocked for an indefinite period.


Każde zdjęcie w Inferii opatrzone podpisem zostanie przeniesione do Ciemni cel