avatar_28068 stoyog

2022-03-11 18:52:45
Thank you!:)

2021-08-16 20:36:08

2021-08-11 14:04:03
... featuring this epic piece of art (one of many) in your portfolio, you decided to write 200+ word analysis about work with impulse light, even mentioning the name Rembrandt. WOW:)))) Dunning?Kruger much?

2020-06-13 20:32:55

2020-05-26 19:41:28
Reminds me of 'Natural Born Killers', good one!

2020-01-20 17:59:21
... and now we're waiting for the black star! :)

2020-01-05 18:59:19
Capital Breakfast with Roman Kemp becomes something from the '80s:) Really cool, congratulations on creating such atmosphere! Publish +1:)

2019-12-24 16:42:55
Merry Christmas, and all the best for the New Year!

2019-11-11 10:04:51
Excellent portrait, the eyes bother me a bit as they look overedited and facial features could be more underlined. Publish, +1.

2019-11-10 22:02:00

2019-11-08 13:39:01
The figure and mask are a real person (not stitched) , the collage is just the background:)

2019-11-01 20:34:24

2019-11-01 18:24:08
Thank you, I didn't know this and it very useful!:)

2019-10-28 07:40:25
Thank you, I really appreciate it! :)

2019-10-27 21:00:14
As much as I don't like being patronized, I must admit that you have a point about surprising the viewer more... I've never considered anyone here prejudice, otherwise I wouldn't have been on Fotoferia at all, but the bias thing... well, this is basic psychology and as much as you wish it, you can't deny it:) Anyway, all good here and no hard feelings.

2019-10-27 20:14:53
Started with straight 3 stars and now this? The collective brain is a powerful thing, that's why nowadays there is a profession 'influencer':) Fair play to you:)

2019-10-27 18:14:52
Thank you.

2019-10-27 18:14:10
Thank you, point taken!:)

2019-10-27 18:12:59
Please accept my apologies if my humorous tone has offended you - this was not my intention. I had the idea to make a classic portrait, as many of that type I have done and you can see them in my profile. You mention shortcomings - unless you see any technical faults, like missed focus or botched post-processing, there are none. I am not expecting praise, but I am in no way dissatisfied with the result - I got exactly what I was panning to, the rest is a subjective. The person photographed is her true self on that photo, and that's why she loved it so much - a representation of how she felt in the 40 degree heat, tired and blissfully waiting. Greetings:)

2019-10-27 17:23:41
Thank you for your opinion. No disrespect to the genius of Wacław Wantuch, but I find his imagery nowhere close to the way I would like to depict human beings. The lady in this portrait is 8 and a half months pregnant, she is supposed to be shapeless, with thick thighs and she is leaning back to balance her beautiful pregnant belly (which holds plenty of mystery and creation) :) Thank you for not giving me a black star, this is very generous of you, but honestly - the way you wrote your comment makes me think you didn't realize this is a portrait of a woman who is heavily pregnant with her fourth child? The original title of the portrait is 'Vanya and Jordan', it was published elsewhere with it. Once again, thank you for your input, as a fellow photographer recently noted - indifference is the worst, I prefer any type of criticism under my photos, rather than silence.

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